Cousin Sues 910AM Owner Kevin Adell, Accuses Him of Fraud and Racketeering

September 18, 2023, 11:49 PM

Kevin Adell (company photo)

Controversial 910AM radio station owner Kevin Adell is being sued in federal court in Detroit.

His cousin Joan Adell Tringale filed a 52-page federal lawsuit in Detroit last week accusing him of fraud and racketeering and alleging he cheated his family members out of “many millions of dollars," Metro Times reports.

Adell, who also owns The Word Network, tells Steve Neavling of Metro Times that the lawsuit is a frivolous “shakedown” and is  “fucked up.” He said he expects it to be dismissed and result in sanctions against the plaintiff's attorney.

Neavling writes that the suit: 

Alleges Adell created an elaborate ruse to steal a prime, 25-acre commercial site in Novi from his cousins and siblings.

The property, where the Adell name is emblazoned on a water tower, was controlled by a family trust that included eight other cousins and siblings, according to the lawsuit. But over the past decade, Adell wrested control of the property by causing a foreclosure sale based on “a phony mortgage to secure payment of a phony debt to a phony mortgage,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit alleges Adell took sole ownership of the property after creating a “sham” foreclosure in 2015. Adell “perpetuated an enormous, outrageous fraud” upon his family members as part of his “long-term, widespread pattern of criminal and other wrongful behavior that did significant harm and likely will significantly harm multiple victims,” the lawsuit alleges.

The suit states that Joan Adell Tringale resides in Oakland County and Kevin Adell lives in Florida.

Adell recently made news when he changed his 910AM format from Black to right-wing talk radio. Many of the former on-air personalities on the station and former employees were publicly critical of Adell after the change was announced. 


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